Marinated Boneless Skinless Breast
If you're looking for a quick and easy dinner recipe, look no further than our delicious marinated boneless skinless breasts! They're perfect as an alternative to cooking on those days when nothing else appeals.  Or even if there's just nothing...
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Whole Chicken, Smoked
Our pastured chicken is rubbed with sea salt and black pepper then slowly smoked with apple wood and ready to carve. It’s a great option for those wanting something other than beef or pork.  Serve chilled or warmed to suit...
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Garlic Parmesan Brats, Pastured Chicken
Creswick Farms Garlic Parmesan Brats from our Pastured Chicken. If you haven't had them - you don't know what you've been missing! 4 per package. No MSG, sugar, flour or preservatives!!  Approximately 1 pound package. Contains: Diary *Pictures shown may...
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Lunchmeat Slices, Pastured Chicken
Lunchmeat Slices for the best sandwiches ever! We only use premium ingredients to make your lunch taste better than anything you've had before. And with our 100% pastured chicken breast it's easy peasy perfection every time!   *Pictures shown may...
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Patties, Chicken
We know you're looking for a fast and easy way to satisfy your hunger, so we've got just the thing. Our chicken patties are made from an expert combination of breast meat & thighs! They'll fill up that sandwich sized...
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Pastured Whole Ground Chicken - Pets Love it!
The pastured whole ground chicken is the perfect treat for your furry friend! All natural and not cooked, so it's good to go right away when feeding raw diets. Not for Human consumption. *Pictures shown may vary from actual products....
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Whole Chicken, Pastured
Our favorite! Fresh air, clean feed and sunshine provides us with a nutritiously superior bird🐔!    *Pictures shown may vary from actual products.
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Liver, Pastured Chicken
If you're looking for a way to pack in some vitamin A, our Chicken Liver is your best option. It offers an rich flavor that will delight the palate and supply all of those vital nutrients we need from our...
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Leg Quarters, Pastured Chicken
It's hard to beat the delicious, rich flavor of our leg quarters. Whether you roast them or cook it on an open flame grill - if they are just cooked enough then there is no going back for second helpings!  2...
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Ground Chicken, Pastured - 1 Pound
Our Ground Chicken is an awesome meat alternative that you can use in place of traditional ground beef.  It has lower fat and calories than its counterpart but gives off just as much flavor!  The perfect substitute for ground beef...
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Feet for soup stock
What's the best way to make a delicious soup or broth? You need some feet. Rich in collagen and minerals, these will give your dish that rich flavor we all love so much! 2# pound package.   *Pictures shown may vary...
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Boneless Skinless Breast
Looking for a delicious, healthy change of pace? Try our Boneless Skinless Breasts! Pastured and GMO-free, these juicy breasts are perfect for frying, grilling, or baking. Plus, their mild flavor makes them the perfect addition to any salad. Upgrade your...
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Wings, Pastured Chicken
Raised on pasture, our chicken wings can be grilled, fried or baked and are a nutritious treat! Great for get togethers, parties etc.!  3.30 lb. ave. package size.   *Pictures shown may vary from actual products.
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Boneless Thighs, Pastured Chicken
Looking for a delicious, yet healthy chicken dish? Look no further than our boneless chicken thighs! These pastured poultry delights are juicy, flavorful, and versatile – perfect for any occasion. With their intense flavor and succulent texture, they're sure to...
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Necks and Backs
The next time you're looking for an easy project, why not try your hand at making some nutritious stock?  With our fresh, pasture-raised poultry, you are sure not only have delicious food but also nutrient rich liquid gold for nourishing...
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Chicken Bone Broth
Our Chicken Bone Broth uses our roasted chicken bones, celery, onions, carrot. garlic and apple cider vinegar in the stock (all filtered out, so it's not a soup).  No salt is added to any of our soups and broths - please...
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Apple Chicken Links
Our chicken combined with Michigan apples makes for a tempting, flavorful seasonal treat! 4 per package. No MSG, Sugar, preservatives or flour! Approximately 1 pound package. *Pictures shown may vary from actual products.
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