Lunchmeat Slices, Pastured Chicken
Lunchmeat Slices for the best sandwiches ever! We only use premium ingredients to make your lunch taste better than anything you've had before. And with our 100% pastured chicken breast it's easy peasy perfection every time!   *Pictures shown may...
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Ham Slices, Pastured Pork
We know the perfect solution for those days you're feeling rushed. Our fully cooked and thinly sliced ham is ready to eat, so all that's left are some tasty sandwiches!  1 pound pkg wt.  *Pictures shown may vary from actual...
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Bologna Slices, Old Fashioned
Looking for an Old Fashioned taste? Our Bologna Slices are perfect for you! Made with clean spices and nothing else, these slices are keto-friendly and delicious. Try them with some cheese and a pickle for the perfect snack!! 1 pound...
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