• Meet the Team at Creswick Farms!

    Meet the Team at Creswick Farms!

    Get to know the team behind Creswick Farms with a little roll call and hear what they love most about working at the farm. Then, check out a team Q&A where we answer the really important questions everyone needs to know! Meet the Team at Creswick Farms Team Q&A
  • Welcome to the New Creswickfarms.com!

    Welcome to the New Creswickfarms.com!

    While we love seeing you shop in person at the farm store, or while picking up your order at our monthly meat-ups, we also know that convenience is key.  Whether the pandemic has you spending more time at home, or whether this blustery winter weather is keeping you off of the roads, our new website aims to help us deliver our farm fresh foods...
  • DIY Nourishing Lard Lotion

    DIY Nourishing Lard Lotion

    For the eco-conscious, sustainably minded amongst you, the use of lard as a cooking oil or beauty product is a return to a time when all of an animal was used and nothing was left to go to waste. Instead of throwing out the fat from the pigs humanely raised here at Creswick Farms, we render it down into beautiful, creamy lard that can...
  • The Added Health Benefits of Free-Range Eggs

    The Added Health Benefits of Free-Range Eggs

    If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting Creswick Farms, you may have noticed our chickens milling about, scratching and pecking at the ground. While you might find this behavior amusing (so do we!), the truth is that this is an instinctive and vital part of what our chickens do daily to create the nutrient dense, delicious free-range eggs that you buy from Creswick...
  • Is it 'Salad Bar Beef' or Grass-Fed?

    Is it 'Salad Bar Beef' or Grass-Fed?

    We use a rotational grazing system to minimize the cow’s impact on the land, reduce the parasite load on the animals and maximize the rate of forage available by allowing the grass to rest and regenerate. This marriage of land and livestock management leads to healthier soil, happier cows and nutrient dense beef for our customers.
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