Who are we?

Creswick Farms is your best, local source for true and essential Meats, Eggs, Sausages, Specialty Meats and Bacons! Produced right here in Michigan!

We believe that food can never be better than the farming that produces it. In fact, farming practices are the foundation of all meals – the better the foundation, the better the meal. With that in mind, we’d like to explain why Creswick Farms is your best source for meat: not because it’s nutrient dense; not because it tastes good, and not because it has delightful texture, although all of these statements are true! The reason why Creswick Farms deserves your patronage is because of our dedication to quality.

Farm Store

We have a wide variety of products in-stock and ready for purchase at our farm store.

Farm store hours are posted at the top of our website pages. Special holiday hours will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

Touring the Farm

We do not offer guided tours. We put our emphasis into raising animals and processing meat, not agri-tourism. You are free to walk around and check out the farm on your own during farm store hours; we have nothing to hide. This is our commitment to transparency. We just ask that you please stay away from the house and out of buildings. Please also remember, the animals are not pets and should be respected as such.

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