Are you Certified Organic?

No. We do believe in organic principles and practice them as best as reasonable. We could go thru the certification process, but it would increase paperwork (We have plenty as it is) therefore adding costs & having less time to do the important things (such as providing quality lifestyle for the animals). Frankly, certification would not add anything else to our existing quality.

What do your animals eat?

Cattle and Sheep are on pasture 100% of the time. Hay as needed, no grains. Organic supplements are offered free choice. Pigs and Poultry are on pasture 100% of the time with access to our grains and organic supplements to satisfy their nutritional requirements. Sorry, we have put a great deal of work into our feed rations to work in our environment, so they are proprietary.

Do you use soy?

No. Soy is not used in our feeds or any of our products.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes. Please contact us at 616/837-9226 for information.

Can we watch you make sausages?

Unfortunately, due to insurance and various government regulations, we can only allow employees into the cutting rooms.

Do you use any fillers or MSG in your products?

No. Our "claim to fame" is that we do not use fillers, MSG, Sodium Nitrite / Nitrate, soy, etc. in our products.

Can we pet the animals?

The horses love the attention, the chickens are quick to move, so be quick. The cows dont prefer it and be prepared to run. The sheep are prey animals so they wont pose. And watch your fingers around the pigs.

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