What do you do?

We are your local source for true and essential Meats, Eggs, Sausages, and Bacon! Produced right here in Michigan! We are dedicated to raising healthy, happy animals that are lovingly cared for, which provide high energy, nutritious, and delicious food sources for health-conscious individuals. This includes our belief that you are what our animals eat and that the quality of life of the animal directly impacts the quality of the items we offer.

What are your hours of business at the farm?

Wednesdays 12-5pm
Thursdays 12-5pm

Special hours for Covid-19: 10 am-noon
Fridays 12-5pm

Special hours for Covid-19: 10 am-noon 
Saturdays 10-3pm

How do I buy your products?

You can buy at our farm store, retail stores, local delivery, or FedEx right to your doorstep! Check our webpage for ordering and delivery locations.

How do your Lansing/Brighton/Novi deliveries work?

The delivery runs are typically 4-6 weeks apart, depending on seasons, holidays, etc. We avoid the month of February, due to it being shorter but also because the weather usually is not the best for travel. Everything delivered at these “Meat ups” must be preordered. However, we sometimes carry extra items with us in case you forgot something on your order. To ensure your order is filled as best as possible, please send it in by the Sunday prior to delivery. Sooner is always better! Call or email for drop point locations, times, and any other information.

Do you do group orders (Co-ops)?

Yes, we do. Please contact our team at (616) 837-9226 for details.

Do you supply restaurants and stores? 

Yes, we do. The best way is to email us directly at contactus@CreswickFarms.com.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes. Please contact us at (616) 837-9226 for information. Important: Orders that are for resale use must be made known to us due to requirements for USDA labeled packages.

Do you sell halves and quarters of beef?

No, currently we are not selling by the half, qtr, etc. for beef, pork or lamb. We sell only by the cut. This way we can keep our costs down and you can purchase only what you like to eat. We do offer discounts for large orders.

Do you offer tours?

We do not offer organized tours. We put our emphasis on raising animals and processing meat, not on agri-tourism. We welcome you to walk around and check out the farm on your own, as apart of our commitment to transparency. We just ask that, for safety reasons, you please stay out of buildings. And remember, the animals are not pets and should be respected as such — and watch for electrified fences!

Can we watch you make sausage?

Unfortunately, due to insurance and various government regulations, we cannot allow visitors into the cutting rooms.

Do you use soy?

No. Soy is not used in our feeds or any of our products.

What do your animals eat?

Cattle and Sheep are on pasture 100% of the time. Hay as needed, no grains. Organic supplements are offered free choice. Pigs and Poultry are on pasture 100% of the time and have access to our grains and organic supplements to satisfy their nutritional requirements. We have put a great deal of work into our feed rations so they are proprietary.

Are your animals “Grass-Fed”?

Yes, they are. We strongly believe in letting our animals express their characteristics and do what comes naturally by not forcing them into an environment that is unsuited for them. Actually, we would prefer to borrow the term “Salad Bar” from Joel Salatin. Our animals eat more than just grass; they eat from a salad bar of forages. Observing animals you can see that they browse and may select forbs or leaves as part of their diet. We don’t want to eat just one vegetable all day long and don’t believe the animals would either. Our philosophy is that if the animals eat it – it is not a weed. Additionally, we believe that certain plants exist in soils to serve a purpose, and animals select them based on their individual needs. Our pastures are from the natural seed bank existing in our soils and have grown in our climate for time eternal. 

Do you offer roasting hogs?

Yes, we need at least two weeks for scheduling. More time is better.

Do you sell breeding stock?

Sorry, we do not. 

“Your meats always taste so good. Why is that?”

We love receiving this comment! This is what we do (100%) and have immersed ourselves in offering the best products possible. Nathan has spent a great deal of time working with a number of respected, knowledgeable people selecting the animals that perform well on pasture. Additionally, since we see the animals inside and out we have a much better understanding of how what our animals eat affects the final product. Maybe it is better said, that there are a great deal of things that we have learned over the years to improve the overall eating experience.

What breeds of cattle do you raise?

Ones that go “Moo”! We really don’t have one breed. If we had an official breed, it would be the “Creswick Cross”. We select our livestock on how well they perform on pasture, and not in a feedlot. Also, on their mothering ability, general health, and disposition. If they don’t do well, we don’t keep their bloodlines in our herds.

Where are the cows?

EVERYTHING moves around. There is a time and place for animal locations; the frequency of their rotation depends on the time of year and available forages. Over a large acreage, they can be a distance away. So keep looking - they are here!

Do you spray or use commercial fertilizers on your pastures?

No to both. What hasn’t been eaten is removed by mowing. We use our composted chicken, horse, and hog manures on our pastures as well as the cow pies spread around throughout the season and annual rest periods to supplement our pastures.

Do you process your own meat?

We process the majority of what we offer. We need to adhere to USDA regulations, so certain work is done at USDA inspected facilities. We operate a Michigan Department of Agriculture (MDA) inspected facility, which allows us to offer the products we do directly to the consumer.

Do you use any fillers or MSG in your products?

No. One of our “claims to fame” is that we do not use any fillers, MSG, soy, etc. in our products.

Are you Certified Organic?

No. We do believe in organic principles and practice them as best as reasonable. Frankly, certification would not add anything else to our existing quality, other than increased costs to you, the consumer.

How long are your eggs good for?

Since our eggs are “Fresh Squeezed”, we typically say 30 days depending on your refrigerator. You may go as far as 60 days in ideal conditions.

Can I leave eggs unrefrigerated?

We cannot legally tell you to leave them unrefrigerated.

Do you reuse egg cartons?

Yes. As long as they are clean, we encourage reusing (recycling) egg cartons.

I want to start farming like you do. Can you help me?

Yes and no. Due to the many requests we get regarding this topic, we restrict it down to the requests from people that have “A Fire in their Belly” to do this. This is not an easy life, with a great deal of hard work, and what we do on our farm may not work in your particular location. There are a lot of good books out there so, we encourage you to read up first and decide for yourself.

Do you process animals for others?

Sorry, no. Due to state and federal restrictions, we only do our own animals.

May I take pictures of the farm?

Yes, but our children are off-limits. Any pictures taken of them will result in permanent banishment from the farm. Otherwise, every corner is camera accessible.

Can I come out on a Sunday?

We are sorry, but Sundays are reserved for private family time. If you have a meat emergency, we may be able to make special arrangements.

Can we pet the animals?

While our animals know us, they are not pets, except for the horses. The horses love attention! The chickens are quick to move, so you need to be fast! The cows don’t prefer it so be prepared to run. The sheep are prey animals so they won’t pose and watch your fingers around the pigs!

I just found you! Why don’t you advertise?

Actually, we do. Just not that much. Our business is based on relationships, and word of mouth. So, please spread the word!

Do you do donations to charities?

Yes. We ask you to submit your request in writing using the “Donation Request Form” that is available via email as we are unable to handle donation requests on a call-in or walk-in basis. 

Why is Nathan so gosh darn good looking?

He comes at it naturally! Modesty, too!

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